How To Strengthen Your Liver And Recognize The Signs Of Liver Damage!

Every organ in our body is important but liver is the organ about which we should especially take care.It is extremely important for our health because if we want to keep our liver in a good condition then we must do regularly exercises and we must consume more healthy food.







If in case come to liver damage,other parts of our body will signalize us.Most frequent types of diseases with which liver can confront are:hepatitis,gallstones,fatty liver and cysts.If you feel any kind of these symptoms you should immediately consult your doctor because it possible that it could be a symptom of chronic liver disease,hepatitis and kidney failure.


Here are the common signs:


1.Yellow Skin


If you notice that your eye,fingernail,fingerprints,tongue are yellow then you should know that you have Jaundice symptom.This is a situation when a yellow pigment builds up in the body tissue and blood instead of getting rid of it along with old red cells.The pigment in your skin become yellowish.Visit your doctor if you think that you have this kind of symptom.


2.Loss of Appetite

One of the first symptoms that appear is loss of appetite. People who suffer from liver damage, often lose their appetite. It can results in sudden weight loss and those people feel tired and weak all the time.


3.Abdominal Area Ch BQ

Feeling some changes in your stomach like bloating is another symptom of liver damage. Due to cirrhosis or advanced liver diseases, Ascites is a buildup of fluid in the stomach cavity. Non lover disorders can also cause this issue. You should definitely call your doctor if you feel some changes in your abdomen.


How to HELP Your Liver?

– Swim, dance, walk, run and exercise.

– Avoid salt and animal protein

– Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

–Consume foods full of vitamin C: broccoli, avocado, beet root, turmeric and lemon

– Avoid  refined sugar products,  junk food, dairy products and carbonated drinks

 – Drink tea (especially green tea)
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