Stop eating Nutella! It is dangerous for you, and your children health!

Marketing is really effective in convincing people that Nutella is one of those extra healthy meals, even though it definitely cannot be listed in the group of healthy foods. We can’t say that all the ingredients that Nutella contains are unhealthy or GMOs, but sometimes just a single ingredient is enough to make the product bad for us. We all love and enjoy eating Nutella, a brand name of an Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread, first made in 1946, and it is popular all over the world. Parents feed their kids with it since they consider Nutella as a jar full of nutritious hazelnuts and a bit of chocolate.





Nutella’s health benefits are almost next to none.


It is full of unhealthy nutrients and calories. Nutella contains only 10% of the actual spread containing hazelnuts, and because of that has no health benefits at all.


For example, two tablespoons of Nutella contain 11 grams of fat (3.5g saturated), and 21 grams of sugar, which is 200 calories. A normal chocolate bar contains 12-16 grams of fat and is 250 calories. If you look at label of a Nutella jar, you will notice that the ingredients are: Sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skin milk, reduced minerals whey (milk), soy lecithin as emulsifier, vanillin: an artificial flavor. You can notice that number one ingredients in Nutella is sugar and hazelnuts come on the third place. If you do a little research on the other ingredients you will not like the results you get.


Soy lecithin. When a chemical solvent extracts soybean oil from raw soybeans, we get a soy lecithin which is degummed by water until the lecithin is separated from the oil. It is bleached in a dried stated with hydrogen peroxide.



-Vanillin. You can notice that the label says ‘no artificial colors’, but they forgot to write the unnatural flavors like vanillin. Vanillin is able to bluff your brain and cause you to feel the true vanilla flavor. Your brain is in delusion which makes the vanillin winner in this case. It also has neurotoxin properties and eliminates the brain cells. Moreover, vanillin is very harmful for us because it makes us addictive through linking with the receptors in the brain and secreting serotonin, the hormone of happiness. It is made in China petroleum-based factories and this country is the greatest producer of vanillin around the world.


-Palm Oil. An active ingredient found in palm oil which can cause increased blood cholesterol levels which was discovered by a human trial in 1997.


-Skim milk. Each milk product has image of green pastures and happy cows on their package, yet the reality is so different. The milk inside is not a skim milk at all, but pus filled milk of ill cows that consume antibiotics, eat GMO corn and many other things that we aren’t aware of so as to reduce costs that eventually leads to ill milk. All of this leads to odorless milky white liquid which includes powdered milk. Powdered milk is full with the most damaging type of cholesterol you know.


Sugar. Here we mean the sugar originated from GMO sugar beef that is pretty cheap and full with pesticides and altered sugar that your body is unable to recognize. Its price is very important thing. It is ignored the fact that these sugars are also known as neurotoxins since they can cross the blood brain barrier and can cause elimination of brain cells. They are also connected with cases such as depression, migraine, ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety and few others.


This should be enough for you to say no to GMO sugar, neurotoxins, unnatural and inexpensive vanilla and finally say a big NO to Nutella.

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