Stay away from vegetable oil! It releases chemicals that put your health in danger!

It might come as a surprise that olive oil, coconut oil or even butter is safer and healthier for cooking than vegetable oil, a recent study showed that vegetable oil can be harmful and it can put your health in danger.


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Scientists discovered few chemicals in the vegetable oil that are extremely harmful and are often being linked to cancer and many other deadly diseases.

A lot of questions were raised regarding the results of this study so scientists decided to dig deeper into the matter.

The substance that the scientists are most concerned about is called ofaldehydes, vegetable oil has a high concentration of ofaldehydes and these chemicals are linked to several life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart diseases and dementia.


Martin Grootveld is the name of the leading scientist working on the research, and he claims that a simple meal made in vegetable oil, for example fish and chips, contains tremendous amounts of toxic chemicals, moreover, 200 times more toxic aldehydes than the safe daily limit.

Cooking with olive oil, butter or even lard is considered safer because it produces lower levels of aldehydes.

From all of the oils mentioned above, coconut oil gives the best results as it produces the lowest levels of harmful chemicals.

Professor Stein is an Oxford emeritus professor of neuroscience, made a claim that the human brain is changing because of consuming sunflower oils and corn.

NHS recommended the vegetable oils over butter or lard for cooking, these claims has lasted for many years. Professor Grootveld from De Montfort University in Leicester doesn’t agree with that.

He said that authorities have been warning us how bad these oils are. The recent studies suggest that butter is a better option when it comes to frying.

If you look deeper in their experiment, the fact is that vegetable oils undergoes a very complex procedures of chemical reactions resulting with accumulation of huge amounts of dangerous compounds.

That’s why almost every nutritionist recommends to stay away from deep fried foods.

The best way for your protection is to stop eating processed foods. Most of the packaged fried foods are made of vegetable oils. They claim vegetable oil has been used in the process but there is no guarantee about that.

So the best thing for you to do is, stay away from vegetable oil invest into olive oil which is rich with omega 3 and other healthy fats and buy fresh food and if you can boil it or bake it most of the time, if necessary to fry it, use coconut, olive oil or butter. It is never too late to start giving your body what it really needs and now we know vegetable oil is not one of those products.

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