Remedies that can help you to fight with double chin!

A lot of people have problems with double chin. Some of them don’t’ even have visible but other did. Tat’s fatty tissues under the chin and it’s caused by sagging skin, aging and extra body weight and genes.

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Double chin is normal and is not harmful and don’t have affect to your health, but it effects on your appearance. Some people think of this as a complex that needs to be hidden or removed. But this is temporary solutions. A permanent solution would be surgery which is really expensive. But, there is cheaper and safer way to reduce the double chin. You can try with these remedies.


Double chin that is caused by excess weight can be fixed and removed with exercise. It will take just 10 minutes a day but it will help you to reduce the appearance. You can start with exercises by annunciating you’re A-E-I-O-U in exaggerated motions. Repeat this about 2 minutes. Next, look up and look down-this can help one the chin and neck. Another exercise is to do a kissing motion in the mirror. It’s same as little kids doing -this will be toning the jaw, chin and cheeks. Do this exercise about 2-5 minutes. Also good exercise is to look up and start opening and closing the mouth. Do this 2-5 minutes.


Having double chin caused by lack of elasticity of the skin can be reduced with tightening product. One of the most used is egg whites. It contains natural ingredients that can tighten the pores and skin and will give you a natural lift. Separate the egg yolk and the egg whites. Store away the yolk and place the whites in bowl. You can use only whites or you can add honey, milk, or lemon juice if you want. Whisk all this until it get frothy and apply on the chin, jaw line and double chin. It’s the best way this to be applied by someone else because if you apply by your own it can be really messy. Leave it like that couple minutes until it gets dry and then rinse with lukewarm water.


Vitamin E can reduce the appearance of skin related problems. Drinking this Vitamin E can improve the texture of skin by moisturizing it. It can also help to reduce the signs of aging such as sagging skin or wrinkles, same as can help you with problem with double chin.


Another remedies are to massaging the chin before you go to bad. Massage it by putting your thumbs where your collar bone is and raising it upwards your chin. You can repeat this about 7-8 minutes. Also you can massage with putting your hand on the bottom of your neck, as if you’re gabbing it with your fingers. Move your hands upward and alternate hands. You can also repeat this about 7-8 minutes.  But, never massage your skin downwards, because this can loosen the skin, causing the double chin to become larger.


Try these remedies and let us know about the results that you will have. We’re sure that there will be good results and comments.



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