Never Sleep With Your Pets, Do Not Risk Life! Here’s Why

We will say that you should avoid sleeping with your pets, know each other very much, but this could be putting your life in danger, we explain below details the consequences it brings and you should do to prevent this from happening.







Pets are always at your side sharing and accompanying you at all times, perhaps this is one of the reasons why you love so much are your ideal partner, you completely forget that they are animals, to the extent that allow them to adopt bad habits.

Many people are unaware risk of sleeping with neglected pets, parasites are more common than you think, for this reason it is imperative that you never forget deworming since eradicate parasites prevents them from multiplying inside your pet when they are puppies put life-threatening, it also helps that vaccines are more effective to preserve their health.

Most parasites are transmitted to humans, the risk of developing a disease that can be fatal causing death run. The most important thing is to avoid and prevent any contamination.

Acquiring a pet has many responsibilities, cleaning waste, feed her, bathe her and above all give a lot of love however, keep in mind that it does not end there have to deworming, go to a vet he will explain the appropriate scheme and apply the corresponding vaccines


Remember that the vet is like a pediatrician should go regularly not only when they are sick keep strict control so that they are healthy and strong.


When it comes to cat and dog goes for deworming every four months, within the first six months he should be vaccinated, you can not be ignored for any reason the implementation of reinforcements that are very important, Immunize annually. For other species I check with your veterinarian.



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