Leaked SECRET FOOTAGE: Here’s What Monstrous Things They do For The Sake of The Meat Industry (VIDEO)!

The Association for the Protection of Animals, Animal Equality secretly filmed a footage that so far has been viewed more than 30 million times.

We can conclude that it comes to some American factory, or similar practices in the UK.





At the video you can see small animals, which workers from the box are throwing fists as these helpless animals they are objects rather than living creatures.


Those who survive, given growth hormones.


Part of these animals survives. At the later stages of the factory process, those animals receive vaccines and growth hormones in order to reach the size of the sales market or farm eggs in period of only 40 days. This process takes place on factory farms where growth is also roosters separated from the future chickens and they are killed and the reason for that is that they can not lay eggs and therefore they are not cost – effective.


Over time to time, some of those animals break their necks, sometimes are killed with gas, and sometimes they are even thrown into the grinder.


According to the British Beis (British department for poultry), the chickens euthanized, as they call it, human gassed. It is shocking that in the past have already admitted that this is happening in the factories, whether eggs from free – range or not.






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