Juice That Kills Cancer Cells in 42 Days!

Believe it or not there is a juice drink which cured more than 45 000 people of cancer and other very serious diseases. An Austrian man discovered that cancer survives with the help of proteins.


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His advised therapy is based on consuming only tea and a beetroot-based juice for 42 days. This drink may kill the cancer cells and improve your medical condition – the researcher claims.


This is the recipe for the drink:


Beetroot – 54%

Carrots – 21%

Celery root – 20%

Potatoes – 2%

Radishes – 3%

The only thing you should do to prepare this drink is to mix the ingredients with a blender.


All of these ingredients are very important in your battle with cancer! Beetroot has been as a cure for leukemia for a very long time because of it’s healing properties. It’s highly recommended to drink beetroot juice every day in order to improve your condition. Beetroot can also regulate your blood pressure, it contains iron, a mineral which cleans the blood of toxin accumulation.


Beetroot is recommended to pregnant women because it can prevent birth defects. This healthy juice can cure bone pain and menstrual problems.

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