Freeze Lemons To Activate Their Hidden Cancer And Inflammation Fighting Powers!

New research has shown that the limonoids, natural compounds in lemon, block the growth of ER- and ER+ breast cancer cells. This gives a new light to the importance of citrus fruits in the prevention of breast cancer.


Lemon, beside this huge importance for our health, has other health benefits too:

  • Boosting the Immune System
  •  Reducing Stroke Risk
  •  Preventing Asthma
  •  Maintaining Healthy Complexion
  •  Increasing Iron Absorption


The best way to use all the benefits from the lemon is to use the peel too. For this, you should take organic lemons. Put them in a freezer. Let them freeze. And you can eat it whole, along with the peel.


One more interesting method to freeze lemons is following:


Frozen Lemon Ice Cubes

 With this method you get the best from the lemon and the lemon peel.
  • Blend a couple of lemons. Use the peel too. For easier blending you can add a little water.
  •  Then pour the blend into an ice cube tray.
  •  Put them in the freezer to freeze.

It is your choice how will you use this perfect healthy lemon ice cubes. You can add it in your glass of water. Or you can add to the other smoothie ingredients. Either way it will be delicious and nutritious.
You can try this method with other citrus fruits too. Just remember, they must be organic.

You should definitely try this lemon method. You will feel wonderful. Your body is your own, so you have to take care of it very well.


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