Effective 4 Ingredient Recipe For A Permanent Hair Straightening (VIDEO)!

Women are constantly trying to get better results in straightening and making their hair healthy, as they prefer it shiny and long.



For most women straight hair is one of the must- have trends. Since hair straightening can seriously damage your hair, natural treatments which help to permanently straighten the hair are more acceptable!



With natural remedies you can get healthy, shiny and straight hair within 30 minutes only.
Moreover, this homemade straightening cream is totally safe for all hair types and will make your hair straight and smooth for 10 days and more.


Here is the recipe that will surely replace your usual straightening method:


Ingredients you’ll need:

• juice of 1 lemon or about 4 tbsp.
• 1 cup coconut oil
• 2 tbsp. olive oil
• 3 tbsp. cornstarch




Mix all the ingredients in a small pot and then apply the blend on your hair. Put on a shower cap, and cover your head with a hot towel. You should leave it to like this for 1-2 hours.
This awesome hair straightening treatment will result with healthy, smooth and shiny hair!





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