DETOX Your Body THROUGH The Feet!

Detoxification of the body through the feet is an excellent way to eliminate toxins without the need to change your daily nutrition. Furthermore, feet detox is one of the safer methods of body detox.


There are a couple of types of feet detox, including electric and homemade foot spas and Detox pads. By applying these methods, you will provide a complete body detoxification as well as improve your overall health.


Foot Detoxification Pads

These detox pads are made from tree extracts and bamboo and can be bought in every healthy food store. Also known as food patches, they come from Japan and are very easy to use. Apply the pads on the feet before going to bed, and remove them the next morning.


Usually, when you remove the pads, they will be dark because of to the eliminated toxins from the body. Furthermore, people who have used these pads stated that they have felt fewer headaches, less joint pain and fatigue.



Ionic Foot Baths

These baths are on the basis of electrical process that creates negative and positive ions in salty and warm water. They work by ionizing the salty warm water by alternating polarities. During the process, you should just relax and breathe easy.

The eliminated toxins are a result of bad nutrition habits, usually saturated fats and processed foods. Air pollution also has a significant role in the increased amount of toxins in the organism which stay in our body if we don’t have sufficient physical activity.



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