Cure migraine naturally!

There are numerous drugs that are issued with or without a prescription to relieve persistent and very painful migraine, however, none of the untreated but only relieves the symptoms. Instead of waiting for such medication occurs, try changing your lifestyle and diet to that caused them to be less and be less painful.






Avoid “trigger”
Try logging a few weeks to see whether there is a pattern. Usually habits like smoking (nicotine constricts blood vessels in the brain), and frequent strenuous exercise, stress, changes in the rhythm of sleep, pain in the head and neck, and dental problems may be the cause of migraine.
Keep track of your blood sugar
Low blood sugar or a sudden drop may be the cause of migraine. Glucose is released into the bloodstream, thus increasing blood pressure. Eat every 4 hours and can not overnight be 12 hours without food. Choose foods with a low glucose index, fruits and vegetables, low-fat yoghurts and cheeses. Avoid foods such as white bread, pasta, sugary drinks and sweets because they have extremely high glucose index.
Note the intake of caffeine
Too much caffeine can narrow the blood vessels around the brain enough to trigger migraine. More than 300mg of caffeine a day (3 cups of ground coffee or five cups of instant coffee) can easily cause a problem. Try to reduce or try decaf. Chocolate also contains a lot of caffeine.


Beware of supplements
A large number of people who suffer from migraine complain of excessive sensitivity to dietary supplements such as monosodium glutamate (has it in dried tomatoes, Parmesan and canned meats), aspartame (found in artificial sweeteners), tartrazine (yellow color which is the color soft drinks and marzipan), sulphites (has it in wine) and sodium benzoate (has it in margarine, juices, sweets and shrimps).
Chew ginger
Crude ginger root can ease nausea and digestive problems that can be a driver of migraine. It blocks prostaglandins, substances that cause inflammation of blood vessels in the brain, also drivers of migraine.
Increase the level of serotonin
Low levels of serotonin are common in people who suffer from migraines. Eat high protein foods such as chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy products, bananas, beans, seeds, dates, oats, wheat and rice to raise his level.
Drink water
Dehydration is the most famous “trigger” a migraine. Tissues that are located around the brain are mainly composed of water, when it is lost, relax, resulting irritation and pain. Between 1 and 2 liters of water a day should help reduce the amount of pain in migraine attacked but also to make them all the rarer.
Take supplements
“5HTP” supplement that is used to increase the level of serotonin helps with physical disadvantages to migraine attacks. Coenzyme Q10 and “butterbur” ingredient burdock plants, also prevents migraines.
Eat foods magnzijumom

Too little magnesium reduces blood flow to the brain and lead to low blood sugar levels, and both states are associated with migraines. Fresh green leafy vegetables, mashed potatoes, nuts, seeds, grains, beans, peas, tomatoes, oats and yeast contain a lot of magnesium.
Try yoga
Yoga brings peace, relieves stress and helps with.



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