Cannabis Oil Can Save Your Life!

In nature, each plant has its own purpose and the purpose of all plants and entire ecosystems function in symbiosis. As most people know, especially those who deal with phytotherapy (medicinal treatment plants), there are plants that help the body and organs to strengthen the immune system,improve circulation, stimulate the body have to be cleaned as quickly as possible, and so on.





There are also plants that stimulate the nervous system, as well as those that calms the nervous system. One of these plants is also cannabis (marijuana). For centuries, known as one of the best plants for the pain because THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, Δ9THC, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), or dronabinol), the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant.


What THC actually doing our central nervous system and how it works that a person ceases to feel pain?


THC in the brain binds to specific cannabinoid receptor CB1. The presence of these specialized receptors in the brain has led researchers to the idea of internal cannabinoids produced by the body. , The quest for substances that normally produced by the brain and bind to the cannabinoid receptors, the so-called natural and agonist ligand, which has led to the discovery of anandamide, 2-arachidonly glycerides (2-AG) and other similar compounds. To simplify things, THC in low doses soothing influence on our nervous system so that we just do not feel pain. It happens that people soon after consuming sleeping.


THC has analgesic properties and at low doses, which led to the possibility of treating pain medicinal cannabis. The mechanism that makes this possible is not yet fully known. The other effects such as relaxation, euphoria, altered perception of time and space, the sensitivity of visual, auditory and fragrant nerves, disorientation, any fatigue and increased appetite all associated with stimulation of the CB1 receptors in the central nervous system (CNS). Increased appetite is partly explained through the gastro-hypothalamic system. Activity CB1 receptors in the center of hunger in the hypothalamus makes food more palatable and acceptable, the hunger hormone ghrelin increases hunger signals that food reaches the stomach. There are still some properties that decrease the level of aggression. THC has an active metabolite thereof, 11-hydroxy-THC, which also has a role in the analgesic effects and recreation of the plant. As mentioned above, cannabis can cause the side effects. All this happens if a person overdoes it with the input of which is common in people who are addicted to narcotics (marijuana). Initially, a person takes a little bit, but eventually the body gets used and the brain begins to secrete hormones that quickly diluted THC and so people eventually increases the dose of cannabis. There is a fine line that people do not overdo it with the entry, it is also true for people who are ill. It is known that THC rapidly creates a dependency in humans and animals.


How does the cannabis to people who use it?



It is scientifically proven that people who consume cannabis have problems with the law, are aggressive to the environment, or go to the other extreme are apathetic and disinterested in life and duties. They also have a poor memory, brain damage, quickly forgotten, are unresponsive to self and others. Cannabis is just the first stop towards stronger drugs (although this one is not bad). Since cannabis has a hallucinogen effect the brain of the person who consumes intrusion in alpha mode, which means that people do not critically analyze the information coming to it. Simply they just stored in your brain. When a person is in such a state can do all sorts of things that were not even aware of. It is not often the case that people who use cannabis are associated with transcendental meditation or some form of occultism. Most representatives of cannabis has with people who support Hinduism. And it is not surprising that information when it is known that they often have a supernatural experience that allows them to cannabis because it causes brain in alpha mode.


How do you make cannabis oil and why is it harmful?


Cannabis oil obtained by distillation. Briefly explain how the process of distillation. This process allows you need a large amount of the plants (in this case, cannabis), which is stored in a large boiler in which the double bottom of the water. The boiler is heated so that the plants soon begin to emerge fumes (gaseous). The hot smoke going on to the next boiler in which the tubes through which cold water is further cooled by the second boiler. When hot exhaust gas into the boiler cold condensation occurs and the smoke from the gas phase into liquid. Thus was obtained an oil. Which are also called essential or essential. The essential oil is very much (very concentrated) and small doses are enough for a person to be dazed. In order to obtain small amount of oil required to have large amounts of plants. Utilization of plants is about 1% to 2% of the total amount of plant. Imagine how -THC- and operates in 10 ml of oil ?! Of course I have not done research on it because it would reveal how dangerous this is. Imagine that you have to buy oil from the coca leaf (that produces cocaine) and that tomorrow you say it is beneficial and good for immunity. You would have believed it? All who have used cannabis oil were feeling like they were dazed, exhausted, sleepy. No person has not received energy of cannabis oil. Nor are some healed him.


Who is most in need of cannabis oil and who is behind it?


As people began to massively get sick due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet every day looking for some alternative treatment methods. Official medicine has no solution for people who suffer from serious diseases – which is understandable, because it only deals with the consequences and symptoms and not the cause. Those who promote the official medicine, and they are pharmacologists behind this “perfect plan” to infiltrate the alternative medicine as well they succeed. Every day “invent” a new tool that “helps” people’s health. All with the aim of manipulating the human and material gain. People be deceived because they are not sufficiently informed (informed). No one raises the question of how much advertising on television? How much money is only given to people who are the main promoters of cannabis oil and similar scams that do not address the cause of the disease. How much money gives people to falsely testify that they are cured of cancer due to cannabis oil. No independent institute has confirmed that THC can stimulate the production of immune cells, strengthening the immune system, better functioning of the body or body cleansing. Together they strive to soon cannabis and other drugs are available to all, of course under the slogan that “healing”.

We invite people to turn to changing lifestyle habits, removal from all kinds of toxins, switching to 100% plant-based diet, consumption of proven herbs that accelerate the healing process. So, we need to turn to cleanse the body, a positive attitude, our prayers, our faith in healing, strong will. Do all of this while still not too late, you can today do not leave for tomorrow.


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