Burn All That Extra Belly Fat With This Amazing Recipe! You Will Be Amazed By The Results!

Summer is coming and everyone wants to look their best when they put on their bathing suit and head to the beach!

You have probably seen tons of commercials claiming you can get your beach body by just using their supplements or workout routine.


But the truth is, it is not that easy, and taking all kind of supplements for weight loss is not highly recommended.



Bye-Bye-Belly-Bloat_These-5-simple-tips-can-help-flatten-your-stomach-starting-today1-825x510 Bedtime-Drink-that-Reduces-Stomach-Fat-Like-Crazy-Results-Guaranteed




This recipe is believed to help your body burn belly fat and remove harmful toxins, if any, from your body to cleanse it naturally.


Since all the toxic elements enter our body from the surroundings and get accumulated in the fat deposits, detoxification is greatly related to weight loss and vice versa.

Toxins are harmful for human body as they form fatty tissues, pollute the body and reduce the ability of the person to defend against diseases.


This recipe is very simple and can be quickly prepared right at home. As it provides amazing effects when consumed in the morning, it is named “morning elixir”.

It boosts the energy level of the body and contains only few calories.


You will need a large container and a spout to fill water.



1 fresh cinnamon stick

Cold Water


Large pitcher

1 medium sized apple cut into slices (any type of apple, though Honey crisp and Fuji are recommended for their sweet taste)



Take the container and place the pieces of apple while saving few for later cup. Add cinnamon stick to the container. Add ice to the container such that it fills half of it and fill the other half with water.


The water that results from this method tastes great and can be refrigerated for 3 days. For those who want to make it stronger, it is advisable to add more pieces of apple.


The recommended dose is one cup before a meal.


This recipe will refresh you while helping you lose some pounds. A tasty remedy for belly fat loss!





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