3 Ways to Minimize Stubborn Face Fat!




Tone your body from the neck up!

Perhaps you have gained several pounds on the face area. Or possibly you are slimmer but not in your face you are not. What is the reason of chubby cheeks and chin?




The president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive  Surgery, Stephen S. P. claimed that as a rule, when people put on weight or slim they do not raise or lower the adipocytes (fat cells) . Rather, these cells expand or decrease by themselves. This is the reason why many individuals claim that no matter how do they weight they always have some issue zone.


These people tend to have a bigger number of fat cells in that problematic spots compared to others.


Moreover, Park explains that your face can be chubbier if you have been born with certain tendencies, for example the bone construction and the extent of structures settled in your facial area (such as the salivary gland).



You can’t change this physical characteristics you have been born with, however we can tell you a few tips on how to slim a chubby face:


  1. Battle fluid retention

Sue Decotiis, M.D. an specialist about losing weight claims that consuming too much alcohol, salt and sugar leads to fuller face. These ingredients may provoke the human body’s tissues (the facial tissues also) to store fluids.

So, you should avoid these ingredients since they are making your face bloat and instead drink a lot of water. If you are lacking water then the body tends to store any amount of water that it has.


  1. Pay attention to the food intolerances you have

She also says that individuals who are allergic to some foods or experience intolerances for example on gluten, or have an IBS syndrome frequently have fuller cheeks. If you suffer from some digestive disorder the first and most common manifestation will be swelling.

The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders claims that is not known how IBS can provoke bloating and stomach gas doesn’t.


  1. The hormones are rising

In the case that your face bloats while you are in your period, you should visit your gynecologist and check the hormones levels. Just before your menstrual cycle begins, the body goes through a spike of progesterone hormone that is responsible for all PMS manifestations you have, one of them is  bloating of the face of course, explains Sue Decotiis.

Additionally, if you suffer from sudden feeling of feverish heat and your periods are not regular you probably are encountering perimenopause, a period that happens shortly before menopause but may keep going for several years.

You were seeing this  as an issue that  elder women have? Reconsider. Some ladies, experience perimenopause when they are in their mid-30s.


Source: womenshealthmag.com

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