3 Serious Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Your Smartphone at Night!

The full spectrum of lights includes the blue light, which means people are exposed to it by the sun on a regular basis.


If people are exposing themselves to blue light during nighttime via smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other LED screens, which emit this light at high levels, they can have serious damaging of their vision.

The light also subdues the production of melatonin hormone which distorts the natural sleep cues of the body.

Using smartphones at night is related to these three health problems:


1. Eye Damage

It has been shown that blue light from smartphones damages the eye retina and causes macular degeneration, which is loss of the ability to see what’s in front of us, or the central vision.

Exposure to blue light can also cause development of cataract. One doctor notes that some of his 35-year old patients had the same cataract-affected eyes like his patients with 75 years.




Although this idea is not yet scientifically proven, the doctor strongly believes that smartphone usage is closely related to cataract.



2. Lack of Sleep

Blue light disrupts the production of the hormone responsible for regulation of the sleep cycle, melatonin. So if the sleep cycle is not properly regulated, we can’t get the sleep our body needs. Disrupted sleeping cycles, and the lack of sleep are related to numerous health problems.

These problems include:

  • Slower Response Time
  • Heart Disease and Other Cardiovascular Problems
  • Depression
  • Lack of Memory Recall
  • Weight Gain
  • Aged Skin


3. Increased Risk of Cancer

Cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer, has been related to the increased exposure of blue light during nighttime and the consequent sleep problems. The melatonin hormone, which is suppressed by the blue light, has been also shown to be crucial in the body’s fight against cancer.

Melatonin helps in the body’s fight against cancer while the blue light lowers its production.

If there’s a single disruption it wouldn’t cause a serious problem, but there’re lots of people who use their smartphones every day before bedtime and that last for hours. Overtime, this bad habit starts to cause some of the problems listed above.

Take a look at the image below from Tech Insider to learn how smartphones usage affects our body.


Source: http://www.7dayshealthytips.com

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