How to treat an ingrown toenail without surgery!

An ingrown nail in the toes can be a very painful and unpleasant problem, but on average it happens to every fifth person.


This is where a toenail cuts into the skin next to it, causing it to become swollen and painful. Any toe can be affected but it most commonly occurs with the big toe.

All ages can be affected but it is most commonly seen in teenagers and younger adults.

There is usually no obvious cause – they simply just happen – but people who cut their toenails very short and round are more likely to suffer from them as are people who wear very tight-fitting shoes


There are a few natural treatments you can try at home without having to the doctor.


 -Soak and wash

Soaking the foot in warm, soapy water can be very beneficial in helping keep the area clean and free of bacteria. Soak the foot in warm water three to four times per day. You can add Epsom salt to the water to soften the skin of the affected area, which could make it easier to draw out the toenail from the skin.


-Apple Cider Vinegar Wash


Apple cider vinegar can help as a natural treatment for an ingrown toenail. You can try adding a quarter cup of vinegar to warm water for a foot soak or direct application of apple cider vinegar that has been diluted with purified water. While applying diluted apple cider vinegar to a wound may stave off infection, it may not cure an existing bacterial infection. However, it has antibacterial characteristics that can help keep the area clean as it heals.


-Cotton wisps and dental floss

Placing cotton wisps or dental floss under the ingrown nail edge can help by shifting the nail to grow in the correct direction instead of down into the skin. Try to lift up the corner of the nail that’s digging in to the skin. Take a very small piece of cotton or gauze, and roll it between the fingers to form a small roll or wick. Place it between the nail and the skin.


There are things you can try also that can prevent ingrown toenails

Never cut nails round, always cut them straight across. Don’t cut them too short or too low at the sides, so that the corners of the nail are visible at the sides.

Try to cut them after a bath or shower when the nails have softened.

Try to wear cotton socks rather than synthetic ones and avoid tight shoes. Keep your feet exposed to the air whenever possible and always try to keep them clean and dry.





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