How to stop anal itching

Anal itching is one of the health problems that people doesn’t want to talk about, and that is the reason why the problem is not often solved at the time and can cause bigger problems with your skin. Is known like pruritis ani, and is explained like the irritation of the skin at the opening of the anal canal through which stool exits the body.

What causes anal itching?
1. Anal itching can be caused by irritating chemicals in the food we eat like hot souse, peppers and very spice food.
2. In the last couple of years, fast food has caused a lot of new diseases and sicknesses, so one of the reasons why anal itching become skin disease number one is the fast food.
3. The majority of cases are caused by skin irritation from fecal soilage. In older people, or in anybody with diarrhea, seepage of fecal matter may occur. Also, as people grow older, anal skin becomes more irregular and harder to clean. People with hemorrhoids (which may trap small fecal particles) are more prone to itching.
4. Hygiene is very important, and one of the reasons of anal itching is not taking care of the hygiene, and using every types of soaps. The best way to protect yourself is massage around anus with hot water, without using any kind of soaps that just aggravate the situation.
How to stop anal itching?
1.Apple cider vinegar
Drink twice a day apple cider vinegar mixed with a water.  Apple cider vinegar contains vitamins good for your skin, and protects you from various infections.
2.The Garlic
The garlic helps eliminate intestinal parasites that are causing anal itching and doctors are giving advices about eating garlic every night before sleeping.
3.The Coconut oil
The Coconut oil is considered like one of the best ways to solve problems with anal itching. It can soothe the irritated skin. There are two ways to use coconut oil. First is lubricate it every day on the anus, and second one is drinking it every morning before breakfast.
4.Aloe Vera
This plant has calming effect witch can reduce pain and itching.  In the leaf of the Aloe Vera is a juice that you can use to protect your skin from itching, by lubricated it on the anus more than ones a day.


If these natural ways are not helping you, visit the doctor and don’t be afraid and shamed of this problem, because a lot people are suffering from it.


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