Reasons you should drink fresh orange juice everyday!

It is believed that oranges originate from South East Asia, it goes back as far as China 4,500 years ago. It is one of the most famous citrus fruits and it’s also knows as Citrus Sinensis. Orange juice is part of most people breakfast every day. Mostly because it is rich with vitamins and other healthy nutrients and ingredients that the human body needs on a daily basis. Oranges are rich with Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and prevents and protects you from getting a cold or a fly.

Drinking orange juice also lowers cholesterol levels and the blood pressure. Oranges contain a phytonutrient named limonene, most of it is found in the peel of the orange. Limonene is known to decrease risk of getting mouth, skin, and stomach cancer. Many people believe that the Mediterranean diet, which contains from a lot of citrus fruits is the reason why the Mediterranean area has a lower incidence of cancers. Orange juice also helps your digestive system, it  provides you with a lot of fiber which prevents bowel problems, and a research conducted in Australia showed that people that consumed orange juice on a daily bases are less likely to develop cancer to the digestive system or to the stomach.

A very helpful tip is to try and avoid canned orange fruits or frozen orange juice or even concentrate because with all the processing you lose a great chunk of the nutrients, and also the producers add a lot of chemicals in attempt to replenish a few of the lost nutritive values.

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