How To Get Rid Of Unpleasant Body Odors!

It’s been a long day at work ,you’ve been wearing the same shirt for 8 hours of course you’ll get a little sweaty ,or after hitting the gym you’re going to come out drenched in sweat .

There is nothing wrong with breaking a little sweat, but it’s the stench that makes it feel and smell disgusting. Your armpits ,groin and other parts of your body contain bacteria that release a smell when it gets in contact with the sweat.


Every day products like deodorants  antiperspirant do help with the smell and are more easy to use and carry at work or at the gym,but there is a natural way to lose those nasty body odors if you use these natural home remedies.


-The most common things used are citrus based fruits. Citrus fruits such as lemons stop the growth of the smelly micro-organisms. Just rub some of the juice from the fruit under your armpits and it prevents unpleasant smells. Just don’t put too much on your body parts because the acidity can burn, especially if you are exposed to direct sunlight.

-Another natural way to get rid of nasty body odors is baking soda! You’ve probably heard that a lot of people leave the baking soda in their fridge to get rid of smells. Well, you can use it on your body as well,just put some on your body before you get into the shower, after that just rinse it off and you’re done!

-Apple cider vinegar is a very powerful bacteria-fighting ingredient and you can use it as a way to prevent unpleasant body odors. Just apply some vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it on your body.

-Change up your diet! Changing your diet can help you get rid of bad body odors. Ingesting Chlorella and probiotics can reduce the stink, reduce the amount of red meat intake can also help you reduce body odors.

-Coconut oil is a great way of getting rid of body odors !Just apply some on your body and you’re good to go.





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