Health benefits of virgin coconut oil

The use of coconut oil as a health benefactor has become very popular lately,mostly because coconut oil was consider as a “bad fat” by most people due to it’s high saturated fat content.But as it turns out,the saturated fat in coconut oil is not the same as the saturated fat in other oils,and coconut oil has some amazing health benefits.

-Improves your immune system.Using coconut oil helps your body to fight off diseases due to it’s antiviral,antifungal and antibacterial properties.


-It balances your hormone levels.Balanced hormon levels lead to many health benefits.


-Weight loss.Coconut oil contains chain fatty acids and it doesn’t remain in your bloodstream like other fats.Your liver converts the coconut oil into energy while decreasing your appetite.

-Regulates your Thyroid.Many people belive that consuming coconut oil can help with the sympthoms of hyperthyroidism.

-Cardiovascular health.Even though virgin coconut oil is a saturated fat it reduces the the risk of high cholesterol levels and heart attack.

Repairs skin,hair,nails.When used externally it can help repair damaged skin tissue,helps you get rid of dandruff and many more.

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