Why drinking a glass of wine a day is good for you!

A lot of people get upset when they read about how alcohol can be good for you. But a lot of studies and researches have shown that wine has a lot of health benefits.





Having a glass of wine every day can be lots of fun. But did you also know that wine can be good for your health? So crack open a bottle and enjoy it for the sake of good health! Now we are not saying you should drink a bottle every day, but a glass of wine along with your dinner could benefit your health. Wine has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, improves your cognitive abilities and let’s just say it supports life in general.




A research that took 12 years to conduct which included 38 000 men from 40-75 years old, showed that a moderate consumption of wine reduced the risk of heart diseases by 35 percent. Another research which included 85 000 people aged 35-59 showed that by having 18 ml of wines few times a week lower the risk for strokes by 70 percent. People that drink a glass or two of wine a day have 40 percent lower risk of developing diabetes type 2. A university in Columbia worked on a research in 2006 about how wine improves your cognitive abilities and people who drink wine are less likely to get dementia.



Some doctors don’t recommend for people to start drinking wine for the health benefits and for people that already do, they would say moderation is best. But people have different views on moderate, so moderate would be one glass for women and two glasses for men and one glass being not more than 5 ounces. And people who are engaged in some sort of sports activities should be aware that wine contains calories, basically because it’s made out of grapes and grapes contain sugar, but wines with higher percent of alcohol are higher in calories than the ones with more sugar. And that’s why because a gram of alcohol equals to 7 calories, while a gram of sugar has 4 calories.



So having a glass of wine occasionally can’t do you any harm, but remember to take all things in moderation.


Sources: www.zenstvena.rs

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