How to beat and treat spring allergies!

Spring is here, but so are the allergies as well. When the trees start to blossom huge amounts of pollen gets released in the air, causing a lot of people to start having allergic reactions. A lot of people suffer from spring allergies and it can get pretty annoying.Only in the United States almost 85 million people suffer from spring allergy and that number keeps growing.


People often ask why does our body reacts in such a way on something that seems so harmless like pollen? There are a lot of theories on it but conventional medicine lists genetics, parasites, viruses, polluted environment, bad immune system and few others. While alternative medicine claims spring allergies can be caused by bad liver function, parasites, bad immune system, emotional problems, malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyle and toxins that get build up in your bloodstream.


How can you prepare so you can keep the allergies at bay when spring comes?


Detox your body, toxins can be harmful in many ways so you should detox once in a while anyway but if you want to prevent allergies you should detox.

Improve your immune system. A weak immune system is a big factor for getting allergies as well. Consume a lot of vitamin C, honey and other kind of ingredients that are known to boost the immune system.

Improve your nutrition. Good nutrition is considered vital by many nutritionists for preventing allergies. So eat a lot of fruits, vegetables drink loads of water and even take multivitamins.

Acupuncture has shown great results in treating allergies. A study which involved 26 participants who were suffering from different kind of allergies were submitted to acupuncture treatment and all of their symptoms were gone without no side effects. But for acupuncture treatment make sure you go to a professional and it’s recommended to get your own set of needles.

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