8 amazing benefits from drinking almond milk with honey!

Almond milk is becoming a big thing lately and its sales keep on growing every day. Almond milk is not a new thing on the market, in fact it has been around since the middle ages. It was a staple in medieval kitchens as it does not need to be refrigerated and therefore it doesn’t spoil like cow’s milk. If you are allergic to dairy products almond milk is a great substitute and it comes highly recommended by many doctors.





1.Healthy skin. With 50% of your recommended amount of Vitamin E, which contains antioxidant properties that your skin requires to help protect it, against sun damage. Almond Milk Hydrates the SkinOne of the common skin problems–that leads to other problems–is dry skin. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin is found in abundance in almond milk. It helps the tissues of the skin, hair and nails to use oxygen. Riboflavin also assists in synthesizing tryptophan–an amino acid–and producing niacin in the process. Niacin, also referred to as vitamin B3, aids in circulation. The skin benefits greatly from proper circulation. Niacin also helps in hydrating the skin by trapping moisture in the cells.


2.Energy and concentration. Drink a glass of almond milk and 2 tablespoons of honey in the morning to maintain your energy at a high level throughout the day. Dairy milk is known for its high content of various vitamins and minerals but almonds have been proven to contain extra nutrients, and honey is loaded with carbs.



3.It keeps your bones strong. While it doesn’t offer as much calcium as cow’s milk, almond milk does offer 30 percent of the recommended daily amount, as well as 25 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin D, reducing your risk for arthritis and osteoporosis and improving your immune function. Plus, these two nutrients work together to provide healthy bones and teeth formation.


4.Antibacterial protection. When combined together, honey and almond milk fight Staphylococcus, which is why they are believed to have strong antibacterial properties.


5.Slow down aging. When it comes to aging, researchers reveal that honey and almond milk have positive effect on overall health, not on the skin only. In ancient times people believed that the combination of almond milk and honey is the elixir of youth, and used it to nourish their body.


6.Lung diseases. Almond milk and honey are highly effective in fighting off colds and coughs. When you combine them together they are more powerful than some other pharmaceutical options.


7.Helps you with your sleep. It’s not recommended to eat sugar before bed because it can keep you awake and upset. But a small dose of glycose can help your brain to shut down orexin, a neurotransmitter that is the main factor for keeping you awake.


8.Digestion. Drinking a cup of almond milk with honey can help with problems with constipation, bloating and intestinal issues. It also contains 1 gram of fiber, which is important for a healthy digestive system.



Source: http://www.lifeadvancer.com/


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