5 things that can make you feel nauseous!

All of us experience nausea once in a while. You are probably familiar with the abdominal discomfort which you get when you travel or when experiencing PMS. But sometimes this sense of nausea appears without warning and you must have wondered what caused the nausea at that moment. It is likely that this uncomfortable feeling is caused by chemical imbalances in the body that often occur as a result of diet and a certain lifestyle, but it can easily be prevented.


These are the 5 most common factors that are a leading cause of inexplicable feeling of nausea.



  1. Dehydration

If you don’t drink enough water, you may feel sick which will further prevent you from drinking water. Try taking small sips of water until your stomach relaxes a little bit and it starts to feel right.


  1. Excessive hydration

It is not recommended to drink big amounts of water at once, especially while you are engaged in some kind of sport activity like jogging, hiking or any other kind of exercise. If you drink too much water while exercising, it can lead to disruption of the balance between sodium and other body fluids leading to inflammation, pain and nausea. Take small sips of water while you exercise.



  1. Taking multivitamins on an empty stomach

You are probably surprised that multivitamins can cause nausea! Things like iron and copper can cause nausea in the stomach, and the vitamins containing acids (such as vitamin C) may increase the amount of acid in the stomach, which is not fun if you have skipped breakfast.


  1. Lack of caffeine

If you’re addicted to caffeine, you probably had days when you forgot to have your morning cup of coffee so you felt unbearable headaches and nausea which occurs as a result of lack of caffeine in your body. Caffeine can cause mild physical addiction, so if you decide to quit drinking coffee, you will face the same withdrawal symptoms just like any other substances with similar potential of causing addiction. Therefore, if you decide to give up on caffeine to avoid feeling nauseous, do it slowly and gradually.


  1. Stress

Stress and anxiety can lead to intense physical reactions. When you have a busy day, your heart rate, adrenaline, blood pressure increases. These things may boost your metabolism and cause unpleasant stomach symptoms such as nausea.

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