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15 Minutes of Walking Everyday Can Change Your Body!

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Most people lack physical activity which can cause some serious health issues. Spending the day sitting and laying around will not contribute to your health in a good way.



Everyone can find 15 minutes a day on doing some physical activity as simple as walking in order to improve their health. Researchers at a French University pf Lyon conducted a study regarding how being physical active for 15-20 minutes a day can grant you a longer life.

The participants in the study were people older than 60 and all of them did 15 minutes of exercises on a daily basis, and this led to a decreased risk of death by 22%. What this basically means is that even a 15 minute walk everyday can help you live longer.

Doctors always recommend to their patents to be more physically active for a minimum of 150 minutes every week.



Walking everyday also leads to other health benefits such as:


-Boosts your vitamin D level

-Relives pain

-Improves your mood

-Prevents diabetes

-Losing weight

-It can help prevent lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer


So why don’t you get off the computer and take a walk around the neighborhood!




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