10 Foods Of You Did Bot Know That Contain Sugar!

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Sugar is hidden in different and unexpected places. The consumption of sugar linked to a number of diseases (even a few teaspoons can slow down your immune system up to 6 hours) it is very important to watch out for the intake of sugar in your body.




One of the best ways to prevent the intake of sugar is to avoid foods which contain -ose, such as glucose, fructose and the like. This means the continuation of the presence of sugar in a food. Continue reading the label of foods to see which ones contain sugar, that you were not aware.


1.Many packaged foods and food from the restaurant contains large amounts of sugar. This is why these foods are so soft.

2. Sugar (in the form of corn syrup and dehydrated sugar syrup) is often added to hamburgers because it shortens the cooking time.

3. Fish before canning poise in sugar-coated so as not to lose its nutritional properties.

4. Large slaughterhouses added sugar in the diet of animals before slaughter in order to improve the taste of flesh and color.

5. Some fast-food chains in their chicken injected with the injection of sugar or honey for taste.

6.Sugar is often added to processed meat, bacon and canned meat.

7. Sugar is also added and the cubes.

8. Peanut butter normally follows as a healthy food, but buying peanut butter contains high amounts of sugar. Therefore, if you are able, prepare homemade peanut butter.

9. All breakfast cereals contain sugar. Very often they say that they do not contain sugar, the truth is of course different.

10. Ketchup and compotes contain very large amounts of sugar.




Source: https://zenskikutak.hr/10-namirnica-za-koje-niste-znali-da-sadrze-secer/1037

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