With This Natural Remedy You Can Easily Remove Warts, Cysts And Cataracts! You Need Only Two Ingredients!

If they are used together, castor oil and baking soda can do a miracle. They can help you to get rid of warts, remove cysts and cure cataract. In addition to the above, a castor oil and baking soda cures a lot of health problems, and has been applied in cases where conventional medical methods does not give an efficient results!


Below we provide the recipe for making a compress from castor oil and baking soda, which has proven to be an irreplaceable in treating of vascular problems, circulation and swellings.

Before you put a compress, clean the skin with a solution of baking soda. You will need cold-pressed castor oil, foil, fabric, plastic bottle with warm water and towel.

Heat up the oil will mildly, soak the fabric and place on the sore spot. Wrap the foil, then place the bottle with hot water or hot water bottle, and wrap a towel. Try to be still least an hour.

Use the compress every evening, during one month, you can use the same oil, and add only the necessary amount. If it the change its color or odor, then replace the oil. Be sure to warm up the oil.


If you want to know in what else you can use the castor oil, here are just a few examples of its bennefits:

Remove nail fungus
removal of moles
Remove layers on the feet with a panel of castor oil
The reduction and elimination of ocular allergies with castor oil (only lubricate the eyelids before bedtime)
Acceleration of wound healing
Remedy against all sorts of allergies (a few drops of oil to drink in the morning)





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