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In The Easiest Way Ever She Lost As Much As 57 Kilograms (PHOTO)!

Many times we have heard that the quality of the diet should be more exercise and less caloric intake. But recently social networks is spreading new trend – so called selfie diet. It is believed that documenting your progress from day to day can positively affect our motivation for weight loss.




That this diet has become quite popular speaks and a growing number of mobile applications that can keep a photo diary and thus monitor progress.

It is believed that this trend started Justine McCabe, who after her husband’s suicide decided to completely turn her life around.



Then she was over 140 pounds and says that she took first selfie in the gym to send a picture to her family and prove that she really went to the gym.

Thus began her conducting photo-log through the picture-taking selfie every day after training and many others started do the same thing.

Today she has 85 pounds and became a star on Instagram.



Source: http://atraktiva.in/2017/02/15/na-najlaksi-nacin-ikada-izgubila-cak-57-kilograma-foto/

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