3 Drinks That You Should Never Order At A Bar!

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According to the bartenders these are three drinks that is better not to order in a bar and here is why


  1. Rum and Coke

Rum and Coke is a timeless classic that is drunk for several decades.

However, it should be remembered that the rum alcohol with a high percentage of sugar, which when mixed with sugar carbonated drinks such as cola, becomes too sweet and totally unhealthy.

If you want to experiment, try the Dark & Stormy – a combination of dark rum and ginger ale.


  1. Mimosa

Although this cocktail of the two ingredients is extremely popular in Sunday brunch starting a little before noon, maybe you should skip it.

The original recipe requires blend of orange juice and champagne, but in most places instead get some cheap sparkling wine that has no real taste.


  1. Drinks that end in ‘tini

When you order a martini you get the perfect blend of gin and vermouth and olive. When you order apple tini, the distinctive glass molded will have vodka with apple juice.

Due to its relatively easy production and only needing some form of dyed green apple schnapps, consumers could order them anywhere.

In the world of popular  versions of ‘martini’ and other fruits, which actually have nothing to do with the original cocktail.




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